Everyone knows how to call, but we know
how to talk
We create communication, which changes the state
What is the difference between Alfa-communication and simple communication? Alfa-communication
change the state
changes the state
You constantly worry about how to keep the existing customers and to search new customers
You cannot manage to establish the work on searching new customers
You are constantly busy and don't have time for your business development due to the constant busyness for searching new customers
The trust level of your customers leaves a great deal to be desired
Do you feel ready to change the communication tone as well as the business state?

What businesses can we improve?

Internet shops
Internet services
Health provider organizations
Banks and insurance companies
Auto dealers
Loyalty programs
Advertising agencies
Communication service providers
Information and settlement companies
Transport companies
Retail/trade networks
Research companies

We understand you, because of this we suggest entrusting the customer communication to "Alfa" call-center

Calls, applications on the website, email
Keeping the customers informed
Marketing questions, "phantom shopper”
Marketing polling surveys
Maintenance, audit and improvement of your call-center

We are always open to dialogue

I am glad to see that you catch the interest of "Alfa" communication center. We passionate about our work, can talk with various people and see the personality, its desires and moods in everyone. Our strength area is to speak differently.

After having worked in call-centers I decided to create this business because I realized how well I feel another person even by the phone. I like to change the person state in the course of a conversation and understand the fact that now I am changing something in all the world. After our conversation he/she is likely that this person will not only solve his/her question, but also smile and move on with a good mood. I also know each customer value rather well and I want to help entrepreneurs to keep them.

Anna, Alfa co-founder and project heart/soul

The system is going to work like a clock - reliably and stably


 A modern call-center is a complicated system, which is composed of telephony, database and CRM-system.

My task is to set everything up in order to provide the failure-free operation of the system. Even if the electricity is turned off, the phones will work night and day. The operators will take all calls.

I have created such systems for more than XX businesses, that is why all features and important aspects of various niches are known by me.

Vitaly, Alfa co-founder and project brain 

Why is it profitably?

Alfa call-center is more profitable than to create its own center

  1. 01
    Save your budget - to create its own call-center is more expensive than outsourcing
  2. 02
    Don't waste your resources on creating the call-center, training the specialists and carrying out the maintenance
  3. 03
    Get the turnkey system for keeping the customers and for forming the loyalty
  4. 04
    Provide the continuous feedback with your customers
  5. 05
    Get the tool required for additional business development
  6. 06
    Delegation and systematization, instead of prompt answers at the lunch or during the friend meetings
Why is it reliable?
The communication outsourcing with Alfa is reliable
  • We work with your data confidentially (we sign NDA)
  • You trust us with the most valuable - your customers. We will not betray your confidence
  • We will show our concern and custom-tailored approach due to the detailed scripts and friendly communication of each operator

The Alfa Communication Center provides a comprehensive range of communication services to businesses. Maintaining contact with customers is an important aspect of the service. We will plan our work so that every visit to your company brings potential buyers satisfaction and increases their trust in you. After all, talking with care is our specialty, and it will become a pleasant aspect of your service.

Our goal is to build a relationship of trust between your brand and people. To accomplish this, we alter the state of communication. Our Alpha specialists are compassionate and knowledgeable. They are not robots, nor do they employ automated scripts. They communicate with your customer precisely.

They communicate with your customer precisely. They try to understand human needs, provide assistance, and solve problems. Furthermore, they don't just "call the database," they converse.


Who are we working for?

For all businesses that require automation and communication.

You should contact us if any of the following apply:


  • You are already tired of the operating room and spend your creative resources on routine
  • you have a small flow of new customers, you receive unfavorable feedback about the company's service
  • you need more time for creativity and creating a picture of the future
  • your team is overburdened and does not have time to process applications
  • you work internationally and have clients in different time zones
  • you strive for first-class service without incurring excessive costs for staff training
  • you work internationally and have clients in different time zones, 
Do you want to work with us in a team?