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There are three most typical myths about the call-center

Myth №1

No one will sell better than me!

Alpha response

Yes, it is a popular opinion. However, taking into account our work experience in 10 areas, we can safely say that we have successfully digitized each one.

Alfa-operators are fully informed about your business and are fully ready to communicate with your customers.

Myth №2

All call-centers are the robots

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Yes, it is a popular opinion. However, taking into account our work experience in 10 areas, we can safely say that we have successfully digitized each one.

Alfa-operators are fully informed about your business and are fully ready to communicate with your customers.

Myth №3

All call-centers are expensive

Alpha response

Yes, it is a popular opinion. However, taking into account our work experience in 10 areas, we can safely say that we have successfully digitized each one.

Alfa-operators are fully informed about your business and are fully ready to communicate with your customers.

Calls per day
mount per month
5 500 hrn

Change the business state

  1. 01
    Understand the customer wishes
    Find out what people need and offer just what they need. You can release only profitable products and get to the very heart of the targeted group.
  2. 02
    Collect the high-quality feedback
    Analyze the customer state after purchase. Change yourself so that people come to you again and again. Improve your service and develop new releases for Alfa-success.
  3. 03
    Test your product before launch
    Minimize the risks and don't pour a large budget down the drain. Completely launch with already-proven solutions, design, name.
  4. 04
    Analyze the advertising efficiency
    Implement only the effective advertising campaigns and do not lose your energy. Target each segment and get the customers who are ready to make some purchase with pleasure.
Anna, co-founder

Our call-center joins together the specialists who are fond of people. We like to talk with them, listen, help. We are glad of it with all heart when we manage to resolve any problem. And what is more when we manage to improve the mood, change the state

svetlanа, co-founder

We like to help people, talk to them, give advice as well as seek the solutions of their problems. We are glad of every satisfied customer and every smile with all heart, which we feel even by the phone

Vitaliy, co-founder

Everyone knows how to call - but we know how to talk. This is because, to conduct the conversation correctly, tactfully and effectively is not the same as "to inform" or "to collect data". We build up the relationships. We interact with people, broadcast your values by using the telephone conversations. It is a fundamentally different approach to the call-center to be worked and, believe me, you’ll like it.


We know how to speak in a friendly manner during the phone call.
Calls to existing customers

It is the information and reference support. Your customers receive the prompt answer to any question:

 - what is the work schedule as well as the branch addresses

 - availability of the goods; special aspects of the use

 - promotional actions and current special offers

You can quickly get the word out about your work and receive the feedback. The high-quality hotline is an important element of the customer care

Profile of targeted group and market analysis

It is a multi-channel phone number assigned to your company. Our Alfa-operators answer by this phone on a round-the-clock basis and readdress the calls to the appropriate department. The virtual office is the top choice for the company if:

- you need to establish the business quickly and there is no time for rent and arrangement of the premises,

- your partners or customers are located in another time zone,

- you don't need an off-line office and hired staff.

Analysis of advertising campaigns

Scan your advertising efficiency. Find out whether it creates an impulse to make some purchase or you need to adjust the communication.

Do not spend your time and budget on ineffective campaigns - keep your finger on the pulse and optimize the advertising in time.

Client's base evaluation for buying readiness

If it is impossible to hire a real employee, we have a solution. In order not to miss any application, we suggest you hiring a virtual secretary. This is your outsourced assistant who is available 24/7 Monday to Sunday, without holidays or doctor's sick notes.

What can it do?

  • answer the incoming calls,
  • redirect and register the appeals,
  • send the reminders and a lot more that your business needs.

A virtual secretary will help you organize the process and simplify the work by taking over the routine oneself.

Organization of call-center

To prevent the loss of the regular communication with the partners and customers, we suggest creating a call center. It is the phone support department that improves the service level and makes your customers happier.

We have the work system that will help you:

  • don't miss any call,
  • timely inform the customers,
  • regularly hear the feedback.

 An outsourced call-center is the best variant for the service to be improved and the money to be saved.


Examples of Alfa-calls

Olena Ivanova
incoming call specialist
Service status advice
Світлана Ангорова
incoming call specialist
Service status advice
Анна Васильєва
incoming call specialist
Service status advice


We provide you with Alfa-analytics in a convenient format so you can track how we work with your business and what we achieve together.

Questions and answers

Why should I order the polling survey through your service?
I am glad to see that you catch the interest of "Alfa" communication center. We ar passionate about our work, can talk with various people and see the personality, its desires and moods in everyone. Our strength area is to speak differently./ Our strength is the excellent communication. After having worked in call-centers I decided to create this business because I realized how well I feel another person even by the phone. I like to change the person state in the course of a conversation and understand the fact that now I am changing something in all the world. After our conversation, he/she is likely that this person will not only solve his/her question, but also smile and move on with a good mood. I also know each customer value rather well and I want to help entrepreneurs to keep them.
Why should I order a call center from you rather than my managers?
To communicate with people, especially in a nervous situation, is a sensitive issue. For this purpose, you need to have special knowledge, communication techniques as well as to be always in a good mood. Our operators know all features of a successful dialogue. We conduct the call in such a way so that to change the customer’s mood and switch him/her to Alfa-state. It is important for your reputation to be kept and your company's care to be felt by your customers. Furthermore, we already have the established structure for the call-center to be worked, as well as the convenient report system. We take concern about all technical complexities of the process - and you enjoy the service.
What business areas do you need the call-center for?
An organized call-center is required for the businesses, which are rapidly expanding their customer base or have the customers in different time zones. This service is mostly ordered by the businesses in the following areas: - internet trade, - insurance, - beauty and health, - finance and audit, - tourism, - education, - film and media industries and etc.
How often and in what form will I receive the work reports of the call-center?
We provide you with the report once per month in a convenient Excel table format.
What are the setting-up stages of the call-center before starting the work?
We deeply focus on your area of activity, studying the main competitors. We create the conversation scenarios, taking into account the business specifics. We test the scripts on a practical level and agree them with you. We implement the contact-center into the business: the call-center is integrated with your CRM-system. The operators, who will communicate with your customers, are trained by us. We carry out the work audit of the call-center and make the recommendations.


Imagine that you have the customers who make some purchases again and again. Furthermore, they recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances all the time - it is an endless flow of new customers. The only thing then to be done by you is to accept new orders and get payments.


 For this purpose, we suggest you to create the remote call-center based on “Alfa” contact-center.

Our experienced managers do all your works in processing the incoming calls and applications:

      take the hotline calls,

      process the incoming applications, including in the live chats,

      provide the recommendations and advices to your customers in the Support Service,

      answer the catchy questions of the customers and handle the objections.

In other words, we carry out the active telephone work and interaction with your customers, while you and your employees solve more serious questions.


Out of concern for people who have already bought a product or service, you turn them into the loyal customers. When the customer needs to make some purchase again, he will address you, but not your competitors.


The main task of the call-center is to answer the customer's questions, gain its favourable attitude and show that he/she is representing a great value to your company. The customers know the value of their time, comfort and respect from the side of the company. For the comfortable relationships with your business, the customers pay handsomely with money, devotion and recommendations.


You transfer a great part of your works and responsibilities, which are related to the incoming calls and applications, to the experienced operators of the remote call-center.

We work with the hotline: process and systematize the data received from your customers.

We advise and provide the reference data on the service or product.

We work 24/7 — your customers will receive the professional feedback at any time of the day or night.

The managers of "Alfa” remote contact-center take on boring and routine works