For the benefit of the company's growth, we assist in being constantly available to customers.
Keep the communication with the consumers, increase your loyalty and sales. We timely inform your customers about all new releases. We collect the responses to the company and identify the claims. Don't get distracted by the current routine. Create!

Change the business state

  1. 01
    Be in touch
    You can timely inform your people. New releases, promotional actions, special offers, location change or opening of a new branch - nothing should be passed over by the purchasers. More information is more trust.
  2. 02
    Increase loyalty and sales
    Fix the brand in the customer mind. They will always keep your company in mind and, in case of necessity, will contact you. Because you form a positive attitude due to the continuous communication. Alfa-state of the customers is an important background for the regular sales to be made. We know how to work with it
  3. 03
    Take the customer service to a new level
    The service quality directly impacts on the sale quantity. We will set up the communication system at Alfa-level. People will be pleasure to purchase from you.
  4. 04
    Find the problems before their due time
    Due to the regular communication, you will know in time if something goes wrong. By identifying any problem, you can navigate a conflict even before it starts. This will bring a vast improvement to your reputation and increase the trust in you. The businesses with Alfa are not stressful.
Anna, co-founder

Our call-center joins together the specialists who are fond of people. We like to talk with them, listen, help. We are glad of it with all heart when we manage to resolve any problem. And what is more when we manage to improve the mood, change the state.

Vitaliy, co-founder

We like to help people, talk to them, give advice as well as seek the solutions of their problems. We are glad of every satisfied customer and every smile with all heart, which we feel even by the phone


We set up the mailing pursuant to your customer database. Or we arrange the conversation in a friendly manner during the phone call.
Calls to the already-existing customers
We regularly call all numbers of the customer database. This is a very important service item, which helps the customers to be felt important and satisfied. That way, we highlight our concern and prevent any misunderstandings.
Provision of information
We inform you about all your new releases or additional offers. We make sure that your people feel how much you do for them.
You will have the interested customers ready to make some purchase. This will make the service faster and more comfortable.
Satisfaction polling surveys

Become a careful friend to the consumers. Be the first to know about problems and navigate any conflicts with no loss in the reputation.

The change actuality is an important feature of the high-quality service. Due to the soft polling surveys, you will always be on time.

Registration of complaints
Advertency to the consumer complaints is a way to improve your service. Our specialists will tactfully defuse the tension and note down all incident details.
You will be enough informed in order to eliminate any problem as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, Alfa-specialists will take care of the mood change and return the customer's loyalty.

Examples of Alfa-calls

Anna Ivanova
incoming call specialist
Service advice
Svitlana Angorova
incoming call specialist
Service status advice
Anna Vasylieva
incoming call specialist
Service status advice
Victoria Goloborogko
incoming call specialist
Service status advice


We provide you with Alfa-analytics in a convenient format, so you can track how we work with your business and what we achieve together.

Questions and answers

What topics are available for the polling surveys to be ordered?
I am glad to see that you catch the interest of "Alfa" communication center. We passionate about our work, can talk with various people and see the personality, its desires and moods in everyone. Our strength area is to speak differently. Our strength is the excellent communication. After having worked in call-centers I decided to create this business because I realized how well I feel another person even by the phone. I like to change the person state in the course of a conversation and understand the fact that now I am changing something in all the world. After our conversation he/she is likely that this person will not only solve his/her question, but also smile and move on with a good mood. I also know each customer value rather well and I want to help entrepreneurs to keep them
Why should I order the provision of information from you and not entrust it to the secretary?
We already have the fine-tuned communication system and, most significantly, feedback one. The team of Alfa-professionals works with your business 24/7. Alfa will not accidentally lose someone’s contact and forget to answer. So, you will get the satisfied customers who will timely receive all information and answers to their questions. They do not become irritated and forced to wait half a day
Is it a standard mailing like everyone else's?
Our main task is the state of your customers to be changed. For this purpose, we develop the texts specifically for your business. It is important to us that your communication style is felt in each SMS message. It is an additional element of your brand-building.
How often will I receive the state report of my customers and in what format?
We provide you with the report once per month in a convenient Excel table format.

Do you need to inform customers in a quick, accurate, and high-quality way?
Do you want to inform them about a new product, bonuses, or a store opening? You don't have time to deal with email distribution, and hiring another secretary would be too expensive. Don't worry about this boring work; delegate it. Develop new concepts, communication techniques, and meanings. Furthermore, we promise to collaborate with your audience in a heartfelt and timely manner.

This Alfa customer information will be useful to you: 

  • stay in touch with customers at all times, 
  • ensuring loyalty and increasing sales, 
  • take customer service to a new level of human relations,
  • recognize and respond to problems in a timely manner
  • saving the company money.

The information service includes calls, SMS, e-mails, surveys and competent processing of appeals. We take care of all the red tape and communicate with people on your behalf. No robotic heartless scripts. Only sincere human communication through care can increase loyalty to your business and make you fall in love with your brand.


Why will this work better than my managers' mailings?


  1. Trained, highly qualified specialists will communicate with your clients. And their only task is to communicate with people. That is, they are always in a good mood, no appeal distracts them from other tasks and cannot be “untimely”. This ensures that every person receives the right service no matter what time they call your company.The call center works according to a clear schedule. If one Alpha specialist gets sick, another picks him up. Not a single request is ignored.
  2. Before starting work, we study your business in detail and in depth. So, we know the answer to all questions. So your customers will never hear “sorry, I'm from another department. It is not within my competence.”
  4. We have an already configured accounting and reporting system, developed databases and algorithms for working with a lot of people's sweat. Alpha operators have high communication skills, know the psychology of conflicts and sales techniques. Therefore, you do not need to spend time and money on training your managers, developing and testing the system. Do not experiment with the quality of service, every failed communication means the loss of the client and money. Trust a proven system.