We help to be always ready to be contacted with the customer for the business to be grown
Keep the communication with the consumers, increase your loyalty and sales. We timely inform your customers about all new releases. We collect the responses to the company and identify the claims. Don't get distracted by the current routine.

Change the business state

  1. 01
    Understand the customer wishes
    Find out what people need and offer just what they need. You can release only profitable products and get to the very heart of the targeted group
  2. 02
    Collect the high-quality feedback
    Analyze the customer state after purchase. Change yourself so that people come to you again and again. Improve your service and develop new releases for Alfa-success.
  3. 03
    Test your product before launch
    Minimize the risks and don't pour a large budget down the drain. Completely launch with already- proven solutions, design, name.
  4. 04
    Analyze the advertising efficiency
    Implement only the effective advertising campaigns and do not lose your energy. Target each segment and get the customers who are ready to make some purchase with pleasure.
Anna, co-founder

Our call-center joins together the specialists who are fond of people. We like to talk with them, listen, help. We are glad of it with all heart when we manage to resolve any problem. And what is more when we manage to improve the mood, change the state.

Svetlana, co-founder

Our call-center joins together the specialists who are fond of people. We like to talk with them, listen, help. We are glad of it with all heart when we manage to resolve any problem. And what is more when we manage to improve the mood, change the state.

Віталій, co-founder

Everyone knows how to call - but we know how to talk. To conduct the conversation correctly, tactfully and effectively is not the same as "to inform" or "to collect data". We build up the relationships. It is a fundamentally different approach to the call-center to be worked and, believe me, you’ll like it.


We set up the mailing pursuant to your customer database. Or we arrange the conversation in a friendly manner during the phone call.
Profile of targeted group

Understand what your customers feel and expect. Find out their preferences, pains, triggers.

A detailed portrait of the targeted group is 70 % of sales.

We learn everything about your people, and you understand what to offer them, where and exactly how should that be done.

Profile of targeted group and market analysis

Analyze your competitors and adjust your strategy for hitting directly in your marketing target.

You'll understand for which targeted group the advertising to be launched and you'll be exactly where your potential customers are.

Analysis of advertising campaigns

Scan your advertising efficiency. Find out whether it creates an impulse to make some purchase or you need to adjust the communication.

Do not spend your time and budget on ineffective campaigns - keep your finger on the pulse and optimize the advertising in time.


Assessment of the customer database for readiness to make some purchase

Be in the right place at the right time. Find out which segment of your targeted group is ready to make some purchase again and offer new things to it.

This will help you to sharply direct the sales department and not to bore the customers who are not ready to make more some purchase.

Other researches for your business

Some businesses have special needs. If you work in a new niche and have a unique request - we will develop a special research for you.

It may be:

  • customer journey of customers,
  • trend analysis in a certain niche,
  • in-depth research of targeted group, etc.
How do we work?
Step 01
We focus on your business and connect to your state
Step 02
We develop an effective format and research plan
Step 03
We make the test calls and improve the dialogue
Step 04
We obtain the contact with your customers and maintain the warm emotional connection
Step 05
We automate the process and digitize the results
Step 06
We provide you with a detailed research report with reference to which you achieve miracles


We provide you with Alfa-analytics in a convenient format so you can track how we work with your business and what we achieve together.

Questions and answers

Which survey is more effective?
I am glad to see that you catch the interest of "Alfa" communication center. We passionate about our work, can talk with various people and see the personality, its desires and moods in everyone. Our strength area is to speak differently./ Our strength is the excellent communication. After having worked in call-centers I decided to create this business because I realized how well I feel another person even by the phone. I like to change the person state in the course of a conversation and understand the fact that now I am changing something in all the world. After our conversation he/she is likely that this person will not only solve his/her question, but also smile and move on with a good mood. I also know each customer value rather well and I want to help entrepreneurs to keep them.
Why should I order the polling survey through your service?
You’ll improve your own service and satisfy the customer needs by applying the marketing research. As a result, you’ll get more customer loyalty and increase your sales. To order Alfa-research is much cheaper, faster and more effective than doing it yourself.
What topic can you make research on?
For whatever your business needs. We develop the unique work plan as per the proven algorithms specifically for your request.

Your company's alpha status requires exceptional customer service. You must understand their attitude and present requirements for this. Marketing research is an essential component of your interactions with others. We offer the best way to do this without losing focus: delegate marketing research to the Alpha call center. An outgoing phone call to customers to establish trust and build loyalty to your business is referred to as marketing research, survey, or questionnaire. Marketing research can be used to increase brand loyalty. How to do it?


  • explore your customers' preferences and their perceptions of your product/service
  • gather audience feedback and market potential
  • Discuss your new products, promotions


Communicate through the Alpha state. Our team works with people.

  • We do not follow dry scripts, we have a sincere conversation.
  • We hear the emotion of the soul, not the voice on the tube. How do we work?
  • We immerse ourselves in your business and connect to your state
  • We develop an effective research format and plan
  • We conduct test calls and improve the dialogue
  • We establish contact with your customers and maintain a warm emotional connection
  • We automate the process and digitize the results
  • We provide you with a detailed research report based on which you will work wonders